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Web Design & Development

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We design, develop and maintain professional bespoke websites.

A well presented and highly accessible website is, in todays information free world, essential for any organisation.

One size does not fit all - NeoCentra recognises that requirements and business cases differ greatly from project to project and from client to client.

Appropriate design - website design should always focus on the target audience, the marketplace and the purpose - more often than not, the purpose is not to WOW the visitor.

Skilled implementation - contemporary web development demands complete control over how a website is implemented - NeoCentra relies on no third-party development tools that generate website code.

W3C Standards - we develop websites according to the standards defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) using XHTML and CSS.

Accessible Websites - Regardless of whether there are specific accessibility requirements, all NeoCentra websites are developed with accessibility in mind.